Full renovations by eviction of rental housing is our core competence.

Lawyer associated with your renovation case, so you are sure that everything goes smoothly and by the book.

Project manager associated with any renovation case, which provides security and peace of mind when work begins.

Vi hjælper med alt fra malerarbejde til gulvafslibning, rengøring og flytning af dit indbo til dit nye hjem. Vi sørger for alt det nødvendige, og vi sikrer, at dit lejemål kommer sikkert gennem et fraflytningssyn.

If not, you will be covered by our deposit guarantee.

We have knowledge to the requirements

Vi har et godt kendskab til de fleste boligselskaber og deres forskellige krav. Derfor ved vi altid, hvad der skal til for at udføre en tilfredsstillende istandsættelse ved din fraflytning.

Our history

Gulvgaranti er en del af Udflytningsgaranti ApS. Relocation guarantee first saw the light of day in mid-2020, after several employees had experienced various problems when moving out of rental properties.
It was not rare that everyday life as a master painter offered customers who wanted their apartments painted when they moved out. In this connection, the task grew over the heads of many of the customers, as they suddenly also had to hire one themselves floor man, master painter increased cleaning company, and make it all play together. Subsequently, the customer still had to defend the work, which in many cases has ended up being really boring.
Af dette problem afstedkom idéen til Gulvgaranti – at oprette en virksomhed der udelukkende tog sig af den danske lejer og dennes lejebolig samt al korrespondance med udlejer.

Vær forsigtig med udlejer – vælg Gulvgaranti

We have experienced that some of the most expensive homes in Copenhagen had to be put up against DKK 90,000 in deposit - money that the landlord was free to keep. In addition, the landlord could send a bill next to it if the apartment had to be renovated.

We wanted to do something about this problem!

On this link you can see a case where two tenants had to pay DKK 150,000 to the landlord: 

At Udflytningsgaranti, we have employees with more than 30 years of experience in refurbishing homes, and with our contact with LLO, we are some of the best in Denmark to help just you. 

Cheaper than the landlord

We are most likely cheaper than landlords, who often charge prices that are higher than the tenant's deposit, so the tenant is sent an invoice in addition to his deposit, with our offer you are sure of the price and your deposit
maler arbejde ved fraflytning kan give dit dit fulde depositum retur, hvis du ønsker at lave en fuld istandsættelse uden malerarbejde er dette også en mulighed
Udflytningsgaranti - medarbejdere
Billede af Udflytningsgaranti hvor alle medarbejdere har været med til at udføre istandsættelser for den private lejer og derved hjulpet med at sørger for at alle pengene kommer retur igennem depositums garanti når der udføres enten maling af lejlighed eller gulvslibning af lejlighed eller rengøring af lejlighed ved fraflytning, udlejer skal derfor give alle pengene retur

Would you also like to move easily from your rental property and get your entire deposit back?


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    We collaborate with well-known people from near and far

    Among other things, we have collaborated with the following Danes:

    • Joey Moe
    • Line Hoffmeyer
    • Silas Holst
    • Stephanie Salvarli (Geggo)
    • Olivia Salos (Host Paradise Hotel)
    • Jeamilla (TikTok)

    Relocation guarantee clear renovation upon moving out, so you can get your full deposit back.

    We are ready to help you solve your task, big or small.

    We are with you all the way.

    Both for planning and execution, and we always make sure that our documentation is in order.

    We are not satisfied until you are satisfied. It's as simple as that, and with the help of our project management tools and timelapse cameras, you're always sure to be able to follow the process along the way.

    So please contact us if you would like a non-binding meeting regarding your case.

    Contact Relocation Guarantee here:

    +(45) 7174 9567

    Kort sagt

    In short, with our many years of experience, we have great expertise in moving house repairs, and we take pride in helping each and every customer.

    If you just need help or advice, we are also ready to help with repairs and moving - get your deposit back with the Moving Guarantee. 

    We will make sure that you are able to escape cheaper by bypassing the landlord - and get your full deposit back

    Get a 5% discount on the moving home and the new home, if both homes are to be renovated. Contact us and hear more.


    If you are on an A or B scheme, you can find out more about renovation upon moving out. We help both as moving company and renovation company - and can guide and help regarding the landlord's renovation requirements. 


    We can say with a guarantee that we are cheaper than the landlord and that the landlord often sends a bill that is higher than the tenant's deposit. With our guarantee, you can be sure that you will not have to pay more than the price in the offer. 

    Læs også om vores flyttesyn.